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We are delighted to welcome local artist Tinei Mashaya to our artist family! We started our ever-changing gallery of artworks following our refurbishment last year and have found some fabulously talented craftspeople to decorate the restaurant with all sorts of interesting works of art, including Clive Madison, Jane Crisp, Annette Townsend, Joey Richardson, Amanda Cobbett and Craig Narramore, to name a few!

We have ‘gone large’ with Tinei and are showing a whole collection of his work with sculptures both inside the restaurant and in the gardens.

Zimbabwe-born sculptor, Tinei Mashaya has a growing reputation as a creator of some of the most cutting-edge Shona sculptures to emerge from the southern African country in the past decade. Using the knowledge and skill of his ancestors, he carves vivid and inspired sculptures from the many fine stones found in his native country.

Tinei is now living and working in Stewkley near Leighton Buzzard, just a stone’s throw from Paris House.

Tinei works with Shona stone from Chiweshe Village in Zimbabwe. The stone contains many rich colours and variations within it. Shona stone is named after the largest tribe engaged in sculpting stone in Zimbabwe, the only country on the African continent that has large deposits of serpentine stone suitable for sculpting.

Tinei uses a hammer for cutting out the rough forms & different kinds of chisel for the more delicate shaping work. Sandpaper of appropriate grades is used for the finishing touches, ultimately polishing the sculpture with a waterproof sandpaper of the finest kind. Finally he heats the sculpture with a naked flame & adds several layers of natural wax to it, which makes the true colour of the stone appear.

Thought provoking and insightful, his works have intrigued novice and experienced sculpture fanatics alike. His subject matter is extensive, including plants, trees, animals and the whole gamut of human experience.