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If you’ve been to Paris House in the last 18 months, you will probably remember Debbie. With her shock of blonde hair, those eyelashes and her infectious personality, she’s not easy to forget. If you’re really lucky, you might have caught a line or two of her incredible singing voice (cringe).

Debbie joined us in 2017 as Head Waitress. The local girl from nearby Greenfield, she’d started out working in a pub while studying to be an accountant. Very quickly, the pub took priority and she devoted far more time to being great with people than she did with her head in the books. Her Friday night shift soon grew to an Assistant Manager position at The Carpenters Arms in Harlington where she became the locals’ darling, and she ditched the accountancy dream and replaced it with a service bug.

Debbie loves making people happy – whether that’s with her outrageously loud and almost flawless singing voice (!), or (much more likely), with her total focus on customer satisfaction. When we first met her, and despite her youth, her professionalism was immediately apparent. Her attention to detail is meticulous – proving that her move from pub to fine dining world was the right one. She loves getting things organised, she’ll shine glasses and polish cutlery to within an inch of their lives so that everything is just perfect for the guests’ arrival.

The fact is, Debbie cares. She has a love of animals that any pooch would dream of – she’s slept overnight in a dog kennel to raise money for local charity Aras Dog Rescue. She has ridden since she was 4, taught by her beloved Mum (they are peas in a pod and totally inseparable) and loves show jumping, dressage & cross country.

Her accountancy days weren’t entirely in vain. Debbie is a dab hand at the cash up and despite her supposed wide-eyed naivety is a very smart cookie. Her wine knowledge has gone from strength to strength since she joined us; she’s heading off on a wine tasting tour in Italy later this summer, visiting Saccetto and Collavini vineyards. She’s a great team leader, which won her her promotion to Assistant Restaurant Manager late last year. That said, she’s fabulously gullible and provides the team with endless opportunities to wind her up.

Sadly it’s against company policy to allow singing to the guests, so you’ll have to settle for her in-depth knowledge of the dishes, her passion for wine and her huge desire to make you happy.

Debbie’s Best Bits:
Best food: Yorkshire pudding, which happily is Phil’s nemesis, so plenty of banter there.
Favourite PH dish: Hamachi with White Miso, Sea Kale & Cauliflower – Spring 2018
Debbie’s Dream: To become Restaurant Manager and then travel the world – but only if she can take her Mum
Debbie’s proverb to live by: C’est la vie (it’s tattooed on her stomach)
Paris House best bit: Phil. He creates a happy team by being a true part of the team – he doesn’t direct, he leads by example and gets involved.

June 2019.

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